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Breastplate Testimonials

Testimonials By:

Protecting your pig dog with the best vest around
By Guy Johnson

This is a story about how you can protect and help your pig dog so much better these days. With the payment of one vet bill you can save the cost of a lot more trips to the vets with the range of vests around now.

But for most of my mates and l in the top end of the N T with the heat around l have found a vest that is a light weight and very strong and durable that doesn’t get much heavier with water not that l like the dogs in water because of the crocodiles around here.

There is a large range of vests around that come in all different styles and materials and this one l am talking about is ideal for where l live and reckon anywhere in Australia.

This vest comes from J.S.Enterprises and is made from a material called Harness Webbing which as l have said is lightweight and very very strong.

These vests are held by velcro strap under the harness webb around the top of the back with one or two over lapping little straps with velcro that hold the main strap from being lifted off. Around the neck you can feed a collar though the neck of the vest, so you can put a lead on your dog but the Velcro on the neck piece will hold without the collar being there but l walk the dogs very regular like ever day.

I have had a vest on my ban dog smokie since she was 6 months old (she is now 2 years 7 month) and apart from when in season has had the vest on her nearly daily. It has had some big hits when she hooked on some big size boars by herself or with help from other dogs but the vest has come though with flying colours. One of the first large pigs she got was out of a quad trailer with 2 other dogs that didn’t jump out of the trailer but it didn’t stop her when chasing the boar after it flushed out from the paper barks on the edge of the flood plain by Alan on another quad. Smokie jump after we had chase the boar for 80 metres when l was slowing down but she did jump at 20 odd ks landing heavier and then nailing the boar within 30 metres of her jump. Mandy who was on my quad was wrapped to get to see smokie pull the boar right in front of her.

I got of the quad and roll the pig then finish it of with the knife quickly.

The boar went 100 - 110 kg and had 28.5 Douglas points .

l now have two vests with the new one larger that is on my 16 mth male (wolfhound-mastiff-pitbull) Oxy. Which is changed just a little from the first one and is slightly improved in that it is reinforced under the chest and a extra safety tab on the back and is adjustable where the strap from between the leg meets back strap. The vests have had some big hits from some big boars but have not been penetrate by all different size tusks but that first layer of material has been cut but nothing has gone right though. I can’t recommend the vests highly enough for a hard lugging pig dog and in fact l am about to order 5/6 more for some mates who have seen my dogs working with the vests on.

To Fellow Pighunters

Both of my dogs, a wolfhound/pitbull/pointer bitch, and wolfhound/mastiff/great Dane bitch, have worn JS Enterprises harness webbing chestplates since they started working 2 years ago.

Two mates who I hunt with have also bought these chestplates, and we all find them terrific protection for the dogs.

The harness webbing is flexible enough to fit several dogs of different sizes, and light enough so as not to restrict the dog’s agility when holding and chasing pigs.

However, there is no compromising the strength of the material, as there are dozens cuts in the harness webbing where the chestplate has saved the dogs from getting seriously stuck in the chest or neck. The chestplates have proved to be durable in wet or dry conditions, and a good value purchase.

Mick Storrier

Harness Webbing Breastplates

Whilst reading Bacon busters one afternoon I noticed an advert for J.S Enterprises.

In that ad was a photo of a dog wearing a plate that looked like just what I needed.

I decided to give Jason a call to find out more. I told Jason that I needed a light weight plate that was above all tusk proof not to restrictive on my dog as we do a lot of hunting on foot, and long walks are par for the course. Jason was only too willing to answer all the questions I thru at him. It wasn't until a week or so later when one of my dogs was ripped twice on the shoulder that I decided to give Jason a call and order a plate.

Jas went through the details were I needed to measure my dog whilst I was on the phone with him. A couple of weeks later my plate arrived.

That very next weekend we would test the plate.

The first pig we nailed with the new plate was a sneaky old boar around the 70kg mark. He gave my dog a few thumps as he was in pretty impenetrable bush and it was hard going to get to the ruckus. Needless to say once the boar had been dispatched we gave the dogs the once over and there was not a mark on the plate. My brother in-law was so imprested with the plate that the very next day he contacted Jas to order a plate for his dog. I have lost count of the amount of Mean Territory boars we have secured using these plates. Our dogs are totally unencumbered by their plates as they are able to get about as though there not even on. I have witnessed our dogs catch up and pull down pigs that have had massive head starts across the flood plains. Our dogs also have to get into some pretty tight spots in the rainforests and do so with ease. My plate is now approaching the twelve-month-old mark and apart from being a bit dirty has hardly a mark on it and neither do our dogs. Jason was also able to supply myself and my brother in law F Dick sticking knives in good quality leather sheaths for less than any were I had seen these knives in the Territory. Jason also provided us with a comprehensive list of hunting related products of particular interest was the dog rehydration powder. This stuff should be a mandatory part of any doggers kit think how much time and money you spend getting your dog up to speed the last thing you want do is loose it to heat stroke.

Colin Munn Darwin NT

To whom it may concern

I have been using the JS Enterprises harness webbing collars for the past 4 years. After seeing them used in hte field and trying other big name breastplates, I've found them to have the most coverage which wraps around the dog nicley. Being light weight and flexiable allows the dogs to run without restriction. The collars seem to keep the dog cooler then others which is important up north with the heat and humidity. I've seen these collars cop a flogging from many pigs and they've held up to the challenge.

The service I got from Jason was Knowledgeable and professional and i\he was always willing to help out


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